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CRIMINAL / Traffic

We can explain your rights in all stages of the criminal process.  A good lawyer can make all the difference between a  reduced plea bargain, dismissal or a jail sentence.  Vincent T. Van Tiem and Doris Neal are attorneys that will help you in all phases of your criminal and or traffic situation.   

Probate: Wills & Trusts

A financial plan is one of the most important decisions you can make for your family and those who will be affected when you die.  Whether it is a Trust, Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care (Health Care Proxy), we will prepare and execute all documents that will make you feel secure, for not only yourself, but those who you love and want to take care of.

Personal injury

Consult us before you deal with insurance companies  other attorneys.  We can steer you in the right direction and make sure that your legal rights are protected.  Call attorneys Doris Neal and Vincent Van Tiem today. Don't stress out, don't suffer through pain, anguish, sleepless nights, call today. You'll be glad that you did. 

divorce & Family

Divorce or any type of family case can be emotionally upsetting and embarrassing   Let our firm help you through all stages of the difficult experience. Whether it be divorce, child custody, or parenting time, we will walk you through the process and get results.

Probate: Administration / Litigation

At times families have disagreements about the disposition of a will or trust and do not see eye to eye on how they were treated by a parent, sibling or friend.  We can represent your interests in court to make sure that you are treated fairly. You deserve an advocate when it comes to your inheritance. 

Have you been named as the Personal Representative under a will, a Successor Trustee of a trust or someone's Agent under a (DPOA) Durable Power of Attorney.  Are you considering accepting such a responsibility? We can assist you in meeting your obligations as a Personal Representative, Trustee, or Successor Trustee. Call us now, before making these important decisions. Vincent T. Van Tiem & Doris Neal can assist you in all your probate needs & responsibilities. You deserve peace of mind, call us today. Why wait?

ABUSE & Neglect / Delinquency

Juvenile Court can be intimidating and scary.  Our lawyers have over 35 years experience in the juvenile courts and will get you through this chapter in your life and/or your child’s life.

Business formation

Attorneys Vincent Van Tiem and Doris Neal can assist you in developing a plan to meet your business needs. Whether it's forming a corporation or a LLC, we can help.  A sole proprietorship or partnership, call us.  We can assist you in writing your company's bylaws and keeping your corporate records. 

General practice

We can handle your legal needs, whether it is a probate matter, traffic, criminal, divorce, support issue, personal injury matter or you need a will, trust, healthcare proxy or durable power of attorney prepared.  Please call attorneys, Vincent Van Tiem and Doris Neal to find out your options and legal rights.  Call today, you will be happy that you did. 



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